20 May 2010

Theme Thursday-Pets

Fish are beautiful but I can't pet them. Iguanas are interesting but I can't imagine walking them down the street. Snakes? Sorry. No offense to cats, I'm allergic. I am a dog person. Pure joy and love in one big furry package.

Today's theme is Pets--visit Theme Thursday for more!

16 May 2010

Graduation Day

My nephew Christopher graduates today with a double major in chemistry. We are all so proud of him and doing a happy dance for his hard work and accomplishment! I am thrilled for him and his future. Great job, Chris! As you move on to the next stage of your life, this is my wish for you with love.

13 May 2010


this musical interlude speaks for itself--hope to be back soon,,,until then, hi ho hi ho...you know the rest..

11 May 2010

If You Believe

This weekend the winds picked up Lena and brought her straight to heaven. May her voice always be heard.


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