16 October 2011

Wild places

wild places
dry my tears
open spaces
fill my soul
erase my fears
wild places
let me hear
my heart beat

C.M. Jackson 2011

12 October 2011

Willow Manor Ball 2011

Mr. Jackson and I have been looking forward to this evening. Ruth and Reya you are positively stunning! I can see Willow on the dance floor with Sir Tony. Is that a rose in Tony's mouth?

 The night has been spectacular so far and full of surprises.

Pierce Brosnan made his way through the crowd slipping his arm around my unsuspecting waist and with a whispered "May I?" to Mr. Jackson led me off to the dance floor for a bit of a whirl.
Mr. Jackson had a martini, shaken not stirred, waiting as Pierce and I foxtrotted across the floor. Tapping him on the shoulder, Mr. Jackson handed Pierce the martini and led me onto the dance floor for a slow tango of our own.
Meanwhile Sting, who just celebrated his 60th Birthday at the Beacon in NYC sends his regrets and promises to be here next year. Harry was kind enough to stop by with his orchestra and play a few tunes though..this was my favorite ...

Perhaps Sting and Harry can sing a duet next year?

I think I am going to rest a bit and just take in the scene...

Willow, you have outdone yourself , my dear--to hear the rave reviews and see more stroll on over here!


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