30 April 2010

Flash 55-Full Moon

The man in the moon spoke to me two days ago. “McTavish is that you? I whispered. With a wink, he said “You are not lost. Whatever you wish can be found so long as you are willing to believe.” I smiled, humming happy birthday as he played hide and seek in the night sky.

Have a story to tell? Tell it in 55 words and see the g-man! Happy Flash Friday!

29 April 2010

Theme Thursday-Bicycle

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” Albert Einstein

A bicycle memory--Edgartown Martha's Vineyard.

Patti, my best friend way before there was BFF, her two children, Paul and Amanda and my nephews, Chris and Justin decide to take on the bike path. This is how it looked---Patti on her skinny tired 10-speed with Amanda on the back, Chris the oldest of the young people, rolling his eyes because he could only ride 1 mile ahead, Justin itching to go fast, Paul wanting to ride the big boy bike because Chris and Justin were but not really knowing how and Aunt (said Ont not Ant) Cheryl at the rear on her mountain bike. This is how it sounded---Patti took off riding serenely and bravely with Amanda in a bike seat calling Chris to follow. Chris taking off like Lance Armstrong at the last leg of the Tour de France, Justin immediately following hoping to draft on his brother's speed , Paul not really understanding the need to pedal continually but giving it his best shot and finally, Aunt Cheryl,  pedaling smelling the sweet breeze that only the pine and salt of the vineyard can create. It was all good until I saw a group of cyclists on the horizon pedaling towards us, I stood up on my pedals and yelled, "Justin! Right!" About this time, Paul became disenchanted with the idea of moving his bike forward and began dragging one leg, pushing his bike along one foot on a pedal. I moved behind him and gave him the only words of encouragement that made sense, "Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!" Meanwhile the pelaton was approaching, I looked up and yelled, "Justin! Your other right! Chris coming close to the point that he knew he would have to stop began the call that has been heard throughout the entire east coast, "AUNT CHERYL!!!"  The pelaton swerved around Justin as he smiled listening to a song only he heard and Amanda waved as they went by. I yelled to Chris, "Next Two!" With that Justin and Paul pedaled ahead with new resolve as my dear friend pedaled along with a squirming toddler on the back of her bike. We made it to the beach "no harm,no foul" looking forward to that glass of wine only FIVE hours away knowing that the ride back would be a new adventure.

Today, I ride my new bike hearing my nephews and niece yell, "Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!' with the following as background music.


Today is Thursday and the theme is Bicycle--pedal, pedal, pedal on over here!

27 April 2010

Magpie Tales-Sonata

Papa's walking stick leaned against the wall next to the front door. I could see it from the stairs looking through the balusters as he waited for Mama to finish dressing. Sitting in the study, he would call, "Clara! It's time to be going." The smoke from his pipe wafting up to meet her perfume as her bedroom door opened, the hem of her skirt sliding onto the wood and her heels clicking their way to me. "Young lady, you should be in bed" as she lifted me up to kiss me on the cheek, her earrings twinkling in the early evening light. My toes were tickled by the lace of her gown as she lowered me to the floor just in time for me to see Papa walking out from his study to look up at us. Smiling, he reached for his walking stick and watched as Mama descended the stairs. He opened the door and took Mama's arm, looking back over her shoulder and winked, "Sweet dreams." The silver tip of his walking stick guiding them into the night.

As the curtains moved with the early summer evening breeze, the scent of lilacs and magnolias drifted in. The floorboards creaked as he paced hearing the laughter of women above his study. He reached for his pipe and then remembered Clara's request. He placed his pipe by his chair and looked at his watch. Seeing the time, he picked up his walking stick and stood at the base of the stairs, the silver tip clicking the moments away until the bedroom door opened and the bridesmaids filed out, still preening and giggling, followed by his daughter, Lucy on her mother's arm, the silk of her gown brushing the balusters as she made her way to the stairs. They stood for a moment and smiled down at him. His hands grasped the walking stick as he gazed up, his heart filled with pride.

It was spring and the children were running in and out of the house playing hide and seek. He sat in his study, reading, a blanket about his legs and his pipe nearby. Clara had passed on just six months ago and his daughter, Lucy and her family had come to live with him for a spell. Looking out the window, he felt alone as he watched the tulips and dogwoods swaying in the breeze, knowing how much Clara loved the seasons and her garden. A loud crash brought him back and he was out his chair in time to see his grandson, Charles drop the walking stick at his sister, Amanda's feet.Shattered glass and petals of tulips and lilac lay at their feet, their eyes wide as he picked up the stick. Lucy stood at the kitchen door, a dishcloth in her hands. He looked at Charles and said, "It's time to walk." With that he placed the stick in Charles hand said, "Take your sister's arm." As he walked out the door, he looked over his shoulder at Lucy and winked.

Tis just another Magpie Tale--for more tales, walk this way! Thank you to Willow for the inspiration!

23 April 2010

Flash 55-Just Talking

Old maple stands against a melon sky. Another year, whirligigs ready, leaves waiting for release; no one expects that you can last through the next winter. I spent the last ten years talking to you and shielding you from harm. It’s personal now. Age affects us all. How can we weather the coming storms together?

Have a story to tell? If you can tell it in 55 words--make certain you tell the g-man! It is after all, Flash Friday! Have a great weekend all!

Poetry as Music

In honor of National Poetry Month, I thought this might be of interest. From my favorite radio station, NPR, an interview with Natalie Merchant talking about her latest work, Leave your Sleep, and how she sets poetry to music--a lovely listen! Enjoy!

22 April 2010

Earth Day

A Cliff Dwelling
There sandy seems the golden sky
And golden seems the sandy plain.
No habitation meets the eye
Unless in the horizon rim,
Some halfway up the limestone wall,
That spot of black is not a stain
Or shadow, but a cavern hole,
Where someone used to climb and crawl
To rest from his besetting fears.
I see the callus on his soul
The disappearing last of him
And of his race starvation slim,
Oh years ago - ten thousand years.
Robert Frost

21 April 2010

Theme Thursday-Draft

with the draft...

without the draft...

The draft was discontinued in 1973. Currently, selective service requires men ages 18-25 to register in the event a draft needs to be resumed. To our veterans and soldiers overseas, thank you for your sacrifice, your dedication and a daily reminder that freedom is not free.

It is Theme Thursday and today's theme is Draft. For more thoughts on the theme visit here.

20 April 2010

Magpie Tales-Treasure

moments ticking by
click click
like clouds in a spring sky
tick tick tock
we run from day to day
click click click clock
not much to say
tick tick
or feel until
click click
something or someone
tick tick tick
wakes us up
click click click
to what is possible
tick tick tick tock
to what matters
click click click clock
and why we are here
tick click tick clock

This is a Magpie Tale. For more moments, go visit Willow and her magpies, click, clock,tick, tock here.

15 April 2010

Theme Thursday-Lunch

After walking for hours, seeing amazing sights, Mr. Jackson and I began to feel hungry and as luck would have it, we were given a choice..


this lovely establishment... guess which one we chose? Here's a hint... thin crust pizza piled with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella isn't served at Mickey D's even in Venice...lovely place where the gondoliers stopped for a break and then ventured forth into the Grand Canal, singing ---O Sole Mio ...now that's lunch!

Are you hungry? Lunch is served here! Happy Theme Thursday!

13 April 2010

PSA-This is your body

This is what I heard whispered to me one night as I was sitting at the computer ....This is your body...

Ten years ago...

Ghost Ranch New Mexico 2000

This is your body today...

Ghost Ranch New Mexico

Ok, I get points for wearing a hat and protective SPF clothing, however, I must acknowledge a certain zaftig thing bordering on chunky going on here...so what's the answer? So what am I going to do about it? Here we go...

Five miles a day to start --pedal to the medal yesterday, I  was going 15 miles an hour and it wasn't down hill hah!--I am happy to say that I can use more than two of the 24 speeds and haven't crashed yet--My bike has a cool shock absorber so pot holes mean nothing! This is phase one of the plan--stay tuned.

12 April 2010

Magpie Tales-Magic

She carried it with her always.
A silver tube encased in black
Which with a twist could
Catch the eye of a handsome man,
Hold back the tears that didn't deserve to be shed,
Impress a room of pinstripe suits,
Make her presence known when or where appropriate
or perhaps not.

A silver bullet slaying hearts while shielding hers,
A shade of red known as Paris
She could be anyone or anywhere
Making her pretty, wise and powerful
when she was not.

And so it goes, the Magpie Tales continue here...come join in the fun as Willow , prompts us to new writing adventures!

Monday Morning Wake Up Call--It's a New Day

This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old. The contest was titled "u @ 50" by AARP. This video won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause. So simple and yet so brilliant.

A dear friend of mine sent this to me this weekend. It is from 2007, so I apologize if you have seen it, but I felt it was relevant given all of the discourse regarding the future of our country. Here's the thing, if one 20 year old thought this, then I am willing to wager there's a few more, along with some thirty, forty, fifty and yes, even some 60 or more year olds thinking, concerned, but thinking about the direction we are headed and the possibilities for the future. When I began this blog a year or so ago, I did it with the resolve it was outside of my work and that will not change. However, when I received this video, I listened to the 20 year old voice and realized some things about how I approach my work and most importantly, the people I connect with in my work day now. Everyone has been impacted by the economic crisis. What I realized is this recession in some way has been a blessing --I have more time to connect and listen. We all are just trying to find a way to pay our bills, put a roof over our heads, feed our families, put our kids through college and protect our retirement --A reminder ...the future awaits and it is bright if we choose to see it as so and work together, regardless of generation...each generation can add to the vision so long as there is a dialogue... now get busy and make it happen!

02 April 2010

Flash 55-Question

Inka dink dinka …Do you know how to make a blue screen go away? Can you stop the inka dinka song my hard drive has to play as it starts its’ day? How about the klonk when I roll into the bumper of what I thought was a moving car? Ding a ling inka dinkado.

Hopefully your week was better than mine...if you can tell it in 55 words, go see the g-man!

01 April 2010

Theme Thursday-Yellow

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

William Wordsworth

The color yellow makes my heart skip a beat for so many reasons...

Yellow is playful, silly and makes no excuses for being.

Yellow means unequivocal faith and trust

Yellow is ageless, evocative and oh so spring and summer ...here comes the sun...do di do do ...

It is Theme Thursday and it is all about ---Yellow--take a gander here! While your at it, stop by Magpie Tales , dance with the daffodils and see where they take you!


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