17 November 2011

Flash 55-Public Speaking

Looking for a place
A spot of blue
Where doubt weighs
Amidst the clouds
Nothing, the
Sun peeking out
All is possible
Though worry
Like dark clouds
Floats past my
Mind’s eye
Talking loudly
Thunder rumbling
As I laugh back
In the distance
The fear
Walking center
I speak from
My heart, and

C.M. Jackson 2011

Friday's coming--you know what to do...write it and tell it to the G-Man here!!

11 November 2011

Freedom is not free

Today please take time to thank and honor the men and women and their families for the service given and sacrifices they have made.

Photo by Evan Vucci/AP
Kait Wyatt carries her 1-month-old son, Michael, at the burial for her husband, Marine Cpl. Derek Wyatt, at Arlington National Cemetery, Jan. 7. Wyatt was killed Dec. 6, 2010, in Afghanistan. Kait Wyatt, who was pregnant at the time of her husband's death, was induced the day after he was killed so she could attend the service.

You may listen to the Wyatt's story here

06 November 2011

Magpie Tales-Sotto Voce

voices whisper
in my dreams
some long gone
some just gone 
but none forgotten
cause me to smile
 and laugh
trying to catch up
 on the latest news
I awake
tears running
down my cheeks
then I remember
and smile

C.M. Jackson 2011
This is a magpie tale--fly on over here for more!

16 October 2011

Wild places

wild places
dry my tears
open spaces
fill my soul
erase my fears
wild places
let me hear
my heart beat

C.M. Jackson 2011

12 October 2011

Willow Manor Ball 2011

Mr. Jackson and I have been looking forward to this evening. Ruth and Reya you are positively stunning! I can see Willow on the dance floor with Sir Tony. Is that a rose in Tony's mouth?

 The night has been spectacular so far and full of surprises.

Pierce Brosnan made his way through the crowd slipping his arm around my unsuspecting waist and with a whispered "May I?" to Mr. Jackson led me off to the dance floor for a bit of a whirl.
Mr. Jackson had a martini, shaken not stirred, waiting as Pierce and I foxtrotted across the floor. Tapping him on the shoulder, Mr. Jackson handed Pierce the martini and led me onto the dance floor for a slow tango of our own.
Meanwhile Sting, who just celebrated his 60th Birthday at the Beacon in NYC sends his regrets and promises to be here next year. Harry was kind enough to stop by with his orchestra and play a few tunes though..this was my favorite ...

Perhaps Sting and Harry can sing a duet next year?

I think I am going to rest a bit and just take in the scene...

Willow, you have outdone yourself , my dear--to hear the rave reviews and see more stroll on over here!

06 September 2011

Godspeed Dear Friend

Max Sept 6, 2011

Today Mr. Jackson and I said goodbye to Max. He is free. No doubt Max is running in the fields of heaven, stopping only to charm food off of someone's plate...we were blessed to have him for as long as we did....we will strive to honor his memory by living as he did- with heart, compassion and joy.

05 September 2011

Magpie Tales-Home

look at me
lost and forgotten
I need you
to remember
when I lifted you
through the dirt
corn husks
the sun
on your face
look at me
long gone
as I wait
till you walk
past the barn
on my bumper
in your ear
earth beneath
my wheel

C.M. Jackson 2011

this is a Magpie Tale--walk on over here for more...

28 August 2011

Magpie Tale -Rainbow

storms come and go
the earth may quake
this much I know
you are always there
when I need you

c.m. jackson 2011

This is a magpie tale--walk on over here for some shelter from the storm..
Hope you and yours are safe and sound after this week's show of what Mother Nature can do..

23 August 2011

I felt the earth move under my feet...

An earthquake with its epicenter near Richmond Virginia measuring 5.8 on the richter scale rumbled up the east coast this afternoon. Buildings in Manhattan were evacuated and the tunnels were closed for a bit. Wasn't quite sure what I was feeling until it was over. Wow!

Thankfully there is little damage and it appears that everyone in this area is ok. Here's to a quiet and uneventful evening.

12 August 2011

Note from The Universe

How nice to wake up to this little message in my inbox after a week of roller coaster markets and news about global unrest--

Quickie Happiness Workshop for Increasing Profits at Times of Seeming Peril:

Think as much, if not more, about growing your income as you do of trimming your expenses.

And for extra credit, focus on customers more than vendors; smiles more than frowns; possibilities more than risks; options more than commitments; vacations more than overtime; detours more than setbacks; opportunities more than obstacles; and Goldilocks more than the bears.

End of Workshop -
    The Universe

You too can be so lucky....check this out!
Have a great weekend!

09 August 2011

There's an app for that...

When I heard that statement, I would shrug and nod and look at my blackberry and pretend it didn't matter. I have many friends that have an Iphone and some who have Ipad --I watched as they found restaurants and directions, organized a meeting, took photos and just had fun. I put both 'toys' on my list of "one of these days" purchases and soldiered on. Sigh.

But NO more...Mr. Jackson having heard me say (many times) that someday maybe I would buy IPad, gave me one for my birthday.  Hoorah!! Yippee! I can honestly say given the month I have been fiddling with it, the IPad is remarkable. It is going to change how we do everything and by the way, there IS an app for just about any interest you have.

More soon..

08 August 2011

Magpie Tales-Yes

Summer Evening, Edward Hopper, 1947

walking home
lights of the city behind them
leaves rustle with the wind
locusts hum
her sandals clicking, clacking
as the moon plays hide and seek
with the clouds
heat lightening flashes
She jumps
He moves closer
She walks faster
Her words "It's late"
Lost in the distant rumble
Of thunder
Ozone and old spice
Follows her
The porch light a beacon
A bedroom light flickers on
He reaches for her hand
"Could I see you again?"
His words floating loudly
Through the suddenly still air
A bedroom light flickers off
She leans into the darkness
Towards him
Feeling his smile
As he brushes her cheek
With his lips

C.M. Jackson 2011

This is a Magpie Tale---sashay here for more!

25 July 2011

Monday Morning Wake Up Call-Rejoice

Sing it, Denise! The sound of joy --what singing is all about--I wonder if Amy Winehouse knew how much joy her voice gave to so many--here's hoping that you find some joy this week.

18 July 2011

Monday Morning Wake Up Call-Sublime

Mr. Jackson has a habit of waking singing a song that somehow comes to him in his dreams--A marvelous gift and way to begin the day. Since I can only sing along and very rarely in key, I think this composition is my answer to beginning the day singing...enjoy and have a wonderful week!

16 July 2011


When I look into your eyes
I see what is possible
When I met you
I found a soul so close
To mine
My daily goal is to inspire
A place
We can thrive

C.M. Jackson 2011

12 July 2011

Magpie Tales-Common Good

Lost my job
Hedging my money
My kids have to eat
Tax someone else
National deficit
The end
The start
Rich versus poor
Voices from
The left
The right
Zero sum game
Unless someone blinks
Let's just focus
On the future
Our children
Our earth
Reach out
Honor the past
Make it happen

C.M. Jackson 2011

This is a Magpie Tale  and so much more...

11 July 2011

Monday Morning Wake Up Call-Move It!!

Celebrated a birthday this weekend and thought I would just continue the party into Monday--so everybody up and  at 'em--- its time to move it. Have a great week!

08 July 2011

"You don't need a weatherman to know..."

I came across this and thought it was a preview for a new horror movie...with over 1,000 tornadoes in the US, record flooding in the northwest and drought in the southwest--all I can think is fasten our seat belts...

an explanation...

05 July 2011

Magpie Pie Tales-Points of Life

Wheat Field with Rising Sun, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

Resting on a mountain top
A cool wind moves across
The valley
Revealing a field of color
Alive and moving
A patchwork of light
Float through my mind
Max jumping over a fence
My nephews laughing 
A first glance from the man I love 
Red hot
Blue Sky
New Mexico
Dust and grit
Of the trails and life
White cool 
Smooth genius of
Bernini's Apollo and Daphne
Rustling of olive leaves in Tuscany
A gondolier's oar as it moves
Through the Grand Canal
Like a wildfire
Moments of time
Speed through my mind
So many
Points of light
Eagles cry
As I descend
The future before me.
C.M. Jackson 2011
This is a Magpie Tale----paint your way here for more color!

04 July 2011

Monday Morning Wake Up Call---From sea to shining sea

Happy 4th to all--let's remember and honor our men and women fighting abroad for our freedom and independence.

Count your blessings!

02 July 2011

These Poles are made for Walking

Tales from the Trail-Back to New Mexico 2010

After finishing our first hike, a 1200 foot descent on rocky trails and let's be honest, tired, wobbly knees and ankles --Mr. Jackson remembered the hiking poles we admired but did not purchase in Flagstaff last year. So the next day, we walked over to Alpine Sports and picked up a pair of Leki's for each of us. 

What a difference they made on our next hikes in Bandelier--Tyuonyi Overlook, a 2.2 mile trip and Burnt Mesa Trail, a 5 mile trip. He kicked my &^&:-)!!!

Life lessons learned-1)if it makes you better-use it! 2) our frailties can be overcome and 3)fifty something is just a number.....oohrah!

Here's some views from the trail...

 Given what I read, we wouldn't be able to hike here today as the area is contiguous to Los Alamos where fires are burning--feel blessed to have walked there and not certain what I will find find the next time ....prayers for rain and blessings to the firefighters who are battling the flames...

30 June 2011

Let it Rain

View from Santa Fe Ski during a cool rain

Wildfires are burning near Los Alamos and Santa Fe. I am thinking of my friends there, hoping that the monsoon rains come early and that the winds stay calm.

Rain dance Indian Market

29 June 2011

Room with A View-Las Vegas Part II


Mamma always told me "Never judge a book by its cover." So here's a glimpse of Las Vegas that shows a bit of beauty, sophistication and an idea of where the little town in the desert is headed in the future.

28 June 2011

Magpie Tales-Blown Away

This is love
Gondolas rock with the tide
Your hand resting on my shoulder
As the pale morning sunlight rises
Parting the curtains revealing
A city suspended in light
Art and arias
Waiting to be discovered
As we walk hand in hand
Our continuum revealed
Like molten glass
Murrine and millefiore
Fiery red
Azure blue
Venetian gold
Reflected in our eyes
Sipping wine
Frozen in time
Always there
Never forgotten.

C.M. Jackson 2011

This is a Magpie Tale---drift on over here to read more flights of fancy!

27 June 2011

Monday Morning Wakeup Call-Dance

just in case your weekend didn't allow the time to dance...perhaps a moment as we begin the week..
a one,a two...
everyone grab your partner...life is a dance, go for it!

25 June 2011

Room with a View-Las Vegas Part I

Another adventure---three nights in Vegas for a leadership training event. Arrived at midnight at Caesar's Palace. The place was hopping and the slots were ching-chinging. Morning brought desert sunshine and a reason for me to walk about until the seminar began. Vegas is like no other place on the planet except for maybe Disney World and the wookie bar in Star Wars, entirely and sadly what is seen as quintessentially American by foreign visitors. Volcanos erupting, Roman Gods,the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the desert and just so many things out of kilter and wild. Yes, this is Las Vegas. Looking for Elvis and George Clooney, I went to my meeting and came out after dinner to this..

Elvis and George Clooney were nowhere to be found, just me walking in the masses of people moving from casino to casino----by the way, are we still in a recession? Given the amount of folks walking the streets, I think it is a good indication that we are albeit slowly moving forward...

24 June 2011


for those of us who love photography there is a new technology and camera that makes all those photos we wished were better but aren't..this is amazing and yet,scary...focus on the possibilities...love to hear what you think.....

13 June 2011

Monday Morning Wake Up Call-Opportunity

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted-One moment- Would you capture it or just let it  slip? Eminem

What is your dream?

Have a great week!

02 June 2011

Cloudy with a chance of happiness

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"
Mary Oliver   I've been traveling to Chicago every year for eight years for business and this was the first year, really, that I experienced why it is known as the "Windy City". Rain and just disagreeable weather made walking about miserable. What is it about rain and wind that makes one think? Perhaps it is the survival instinct or maybe it is just that there is nothing to pull the focus from where one is. So I began to think, walking and talking to myself in between meetings and dinners with business associates. The last few years have been rough business wise but on the other side of the coin I have been blessed in ways that are not tangible. I haven't been able to be here as much as I would like because of personal and professional responsibilities. During this time, I have come to realize that I cannot make everyone happy nor fix what is broken or please everyone. It was a long winter and a walk in in the windy city confirmed that I must stay the course with new responsibilities that will make it difficult to be here on a daily basis. That being said, I think the circumstances will force me to value this place as a sanctuary. This place is not about work, but about creativity and moving towards the life I have always dreamed of. So I ask your patience and understanding if I do not always participate in this amazing conversation, knowing all the while that I am stealing moments to read your work and aspire to your greatness.

31 May 2011

A Room with a View-Los Angeles Part II

Museum and libraries have always provided me with a sense of peace and hope---Peace because they are so quiet, it lets my overactive mind slow down, just look and absorb. Hope because once my mind slows down and absorbs, I am in awe of the possibilities that exist in this world.

So in November 2010, I found myself in Los Angeles on a business trip and truly a stranger in a new land. Thankfully, a dear friend was there to guide me though the wilderness and bring me to a place that I could feel at home. The Getty is perhaps the best way to comprehend all that is Los Angeles, impossible, improbable, large but approachable and just perfect in its imperfection.

30 May 2011

Magpie Tales-Food

Magpie Tales 67
Oil glistens 
Brush resting
Painting speaks
Of possibilities
My dinner and
Fate awaits
Cadmium red
Silver white
Cobalt blue
Risks taken
In hope
Of a feast
For the eye

C.M. Jackson 2011

This is a Magpie Tale----Fly here for strokes of creativity

27 May 2011

Flash 55-Operation Dinner Out

Orange juice
Kiss on the cheek
Blackberry in hand
Dog walked
Dishwasher started
Schedules confirmed
Race begins
Through Friday
Saturday rest?
No way
Report due
A quick hello
Over takeout
While a movie
Spy games
Turn it off
Or on
We are all secret
Agents in the game
Of life

C.M. Jackson 2011

If you can say it in 55 words--go see the g-man 

The inspiration for this flash is here 

19 May 2011

Flash 55-Working

High on
Red lipstick kisses
Four babies’ cheeks
As they sleep
Dreaming 'bout stories
Mama has told
Drinks sliding cross the bar
When is her next day off?
The tips filling the jar
Maybe a picnic at the park
Hoping it won’t rain
Red lipstick kisses
Protecting her babies
From the dark

C.M. Jackson 2011

It is Friday and if you can say it in 55 words, go tell it to the man--that's the g-man! Happy weekend all!!

16 May 2011


The new azalea garden is open at the NY Botanical Garden----a wonderful way to spend an afternoon-check it out!!

10 May 2011

Magpie Tale-In the Garden of Eden

the whirligigs fly
dandelions float
up into the deep blue
the lark
mourning dove
and thrush
sing harmony
dreams born
in the early morning
warm green breezes
of leaves just awakened
from slumber
shimmy and shake
the whippoorwill
carries the day
into night
the song of the possible
glistening in a darkening sky
like a falling star lands
in the palm
a prayer
for those gone
for those near
and far
St. Francis
you know who
they are

C.M. Jackson 2011
This is a magpie tale---fly here for more flights of fancy...

09 May 2011

Monday Morning Wake Up Call-All that jazz

This song sizzles in any language....guess where I'm off to this week?  In the meantime, get your Fosse on and strut your stuff...have a great week!

08 May 2011

Magpie Tales-Born

Life is easy
Living work
The weight
Your future
Rests in my hands
Heart beating
Against my breast
I hear Elsa roar
The four winds blowing
I can only teach and hope
Hold tight
Knowing the path is long
Letting go
My heart beating
The roar in my ears
I kiss the earth
As I watch you

C.M Jackson 2011

This is a Magpie Tale... go here for more....to all the Mom's out there, kudos to you! Happy Mother's Day!


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