17 November 2011

Flash 55-Public Speaking

Looking for a place
A spot of blue
Where doubt weighs
Amidst the clouds
Nothing, the
Sun peeking out
All is possible
Though worry
Like dark clouds
Floats past my
Mind’s eye
Talking loudly
Thunder rumbling
As I laugh back
In the distance
The fear
Walking center
I speak from
My heart, and

C.M. Jackson 2011

Friday's coming--you know what to do...write it and tell it to the G-Man here!!

11 November 2011

Freedom is not free

Today please take time to thank and honor the men and women and their families for the service given and sacrifices they have made.

Photo by Evan Vucci/AP
Kait Wyatt carries her 1-month-old son, Michael, at the burial for her husband, Marine Cpl. Derek Wyatt, at Arlington National Cemetery, Jan. 7. Wyatt was killed Dec. 6, 2010, in Afghanistan. Kait Wyatt, who was pregnant at the time of her husband's death, was induced the day after he was killed so she could attend the service.

You may listen to the Wyatt's story here

06 November 2011

Magpie Tales-Sotto Voce

voices whisper
in my dreams
some long gone
some just gone 
but none forgotten
cause me to smile
 and laugh
trying to catch up
 on the latest news
I awake
tears running
down my cheeks
then I remember
and smile

C.M. Jackson 2011
This is a magpie tale--fly on over here for more!


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