25 May 2009

Wake Up Call

Coming back to work after a long weekend can be alarming and somewhat disconcerting. Do not despair. It's a short week, summer is just beginning and there's a weekend just a few days away. It's all about attitude and the adventure. Onward!

Memorial Day

Eulogy for A Veteran
-Author Unknown
Do not stand at my grave and weep.I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.I am the Gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the mornings hush,I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight,I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,I am not there, I did not die.

For those who have served and are serving, thank you.

24 May 2009

The Oldest Puppy in the World

Max came home Tuesday night with a four page list of instructions regarding his care, seven medications and a protective collar that he has to wear for two weeks. I told his doctor that the meds were not a concern but the collar? Well, let's just say that nobody got much sleep the first night because Max was determined to figure out how he could remove it. Starting about 2:00 am, Max prowled the small area we cordoned off for him--he was on a mission, latching on to every kitchen cabinet knob and doorway, he was determined to get that collar off. Thank goodness for the effects of anesthesia because I believe he would have won, however around 5:00 am he dropped to the foot of the bed with a harrumph that signalled, "I give."
Our follow-up appointment was scheduled for 9:00 am. I woke up around 7:00 and brewed some coffee. Max and Mr. Jackson were sleeping as I read through the list of meds and proceeded to truly understand what we had been told prior to the operation. Max receives four different eye drops, each with varying frequency throughout the day in addition to his insulin, thyroid and 3 different pills. Hearing the sound of food being poured into his dish, Max woke up and we began what will be our ritual for the next two weeks.
The vet tech that met us prior to meeting with Max's doctor suggested a spreadsheet to organize his meds. Bless her. I came home pulled out my laptop and constructed a table that organized his meds. Wednesday we got through, Thursday we did better and by Saturday, let's just say it gets done without a thought. We can't say enough about the care Max has and continues to receive. Stellar. A lesson or two could be learned by people doctors as to how to treat your patient and your patient's family.
The amazing thing is that each day Max sees something that he hasn't in a year, he connects with it with so much joy and zest that is all lab. The clincher for me was when he followed a bird flying down from a tree and watched it land in our yard--the nose twitching and the body poised.
It's all good.
From Max's perspective--It's all good, except for the collar.
P.S.--The photo was taken of Max in September walking a beach in Long Island after navigating stairs to experience the ocean for the first time. He was blind and while a bit tentative going down the stairs, he proceeded to pull me towards the roar of the water. I can't wait to take him to the beach again and have him connect sight and sound.

19 May 2009

Doctor my eyes...

Max undergoes surgery today for removal of his cataracts caused by diabetes.

Mr. Jackson and I won't be ourselves until we pick up 'the oldest puppy in the world' and bring him home.

We are told if all goes well,he will see us for the very first time in a long time when he wakes up from surgery.


16 May 2009

My hope for you

Look to the Future

Look to the future
Detach from the past
Let the people go
Start a new this time
Look to the future
Love like it’ll last
Dream like it’s forever
No move envy
Look to the future
Have the star life
Learn from others
Take it in
Look to the future
Be proud with yourself
No more lies
No more disguises
Look to the future
Solve the unresolved
Be someone’s firefly
Stop living for yourself
Look to the future
Be the person
You dream to be
Stop fantasizing
Look to the future
It’s only gets brighter
From here on out
Detach from the past
Look to the future

Leah Harlow


This painted pony sits just outside of the main building at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu New Mexico.

Georgia O'Keefe lived and painted in this area for almost 50 years. The history of this area goes back
to 1766 when a land grant was given by the King of Spain. Spanning 21,000 acres, Ghost Ranch is also known as "Rancho de los Brujos" or "Ranch of Witches" and is comprised of land made famous by O'Keefe for its stark beauty,trademark steer skull and a history fraught with struggle since the original grant. The discussion regarding land grants is ongoing. An excellent book about Ghost Ranch has been written by Lesley Poling-Kempes.

Given to the Presbyterian Church by Arthur and Pheobe Pack in 1955, the Ghost Ranch today is a place of retreat and learning that also offers a number of hiking opportunities that reveal the expanse and beauty of the place.

14 May 2009

Skywatch Friday-St Ives Cornwall

A great way to end the week no matter where you are in the world.

Theme Thursday-(WH)oops

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"Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys..."
There were (Wh)oops, then whoas and I am certain some pretty big bruises when it was all done. The horses seemed to have fun though. I took these shots at the Inter Tribal Rodeo in Gallup. The afternoon started like most summer days in New Mexico--hot, sunny, an azure blue sky with high white clouds building on the horizon. By the time these guys rode the wind was whipping and a light rain was falling. The show was accompanied by lightning in the distance.That's New Mexico--wildly beautiful.

12 May 2009

let's "smove"

An interesting concept with unlimited possibilities!

Have a great tomorrow!

But is it art?

As promised, I am posting a few more shots
which give different perspectives. Having spent the day watching the Gates move with the wind, viewing them as the sun warmed the material to deeper shades of orange, I found myself inspired to write. The creative synapses were recharged and firing away. To me that's point of art, it is an experience that creates energy and emotion.

Let me know you think--what does art mean to you?

11 May 2009

Haiku Festival-Work Week

Morning comes early
The race is on and I run
Till Friday then rest

Special thanks to Elizabeth and Tracy for hosting the haiku festival--
check out their sites --
Tracy@ Pink Purl and Elizabeth @ About New York.

04 May 2009

Theme Thursday-Wind

Posted by PicasaMy mom and I visited Christo and Jean Claude's exhibit, The Gates on February 13, 2005. It was one of those perfect brisk February days. We didn't notice the wind because we were having too much fun taking photos. A great day and one of the happenings that makes New York City so special.

03 May 2009

Monday Morning Wake Up Call

I am posting this early so those Sunday night 'gotta go to work' blues can be avoided.

As you are sitting in traffic Monday morning or waiting for the bus or train, know that rush hour happens all over the world.
Let's make the best of it.
If you are driving--turn off the news and turn up your favorite song and sing out loud, every word. Safety first, of course.
For those of you waiting for the bus or train, reading the paper or perhaps, listening to your ipod, think of the movie "The Full Monty"--you can continue reading or listening but you have to move---whether it be a briefcase tapping against your leg, a head wag or shoulder shimmy-do it.
If traffic's bad, the bus or train is delayed---repeat.
Final step-walk into your office smiling.
Let me know what you are singing and dancing to.
Here's to a great week.

World Laughter Day 2009

:-0)...tee hee ha ha ho ho ha ha

02 May 2009


A Walk

My eyes already touch the sunny hill going far ahead of the road I have begun.So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;it has inner light, even from a distance-and charges us, even if we do not reach it,into something else, which, hardly sensing it,we already are; a gesture waves us on answering our own wave...but what we feel is the wind in our faces.

Translated by Robert Bly

Rainer Maria Rilke

Visit TNChick's Photo Hunt. Theme: Walking

01 May 2009

Rain Dance

The latest forecast calls for two days of rain. I'm one of those people who likes rain. It is wonderful because there is no guilt or angst about being inside. I find ways to putter around the house, looking over my books or photos, reading the NY Times and catching up on movies the rest of the universe has seen last year.

If I am really fired up, I can clean or pretend that I am Julia Child and whip up a fancy dinner for Mr. Jackson. Or, maybe two days might be just enough time to get through my closet. This particular closet holds a lifetime of clothes and shoes and purses and stuff. If I get too near the door, I hear a low growl or rumbling.

Perhaps, the rain is a sign. I'll put on some music, light the smudge stick and dance my way into organization.

It could happen.


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