12 May 2009

But is it art?

As promised, I am posting a few more shots
which give different perspectives. Having spent the day watching the Gates move with the wind, viewing them as the sun warmed the material to deeper shades of orange, I found myself inspired to write. The creative synapses were recharged and firing away. To me that's point of art, it is an experience that creates energy and emotion.

Let me know you think--what does art mean to you?


Sally's World said...

its pretty, its even artisitc, but art to me requires more skill than this, i don't really go it if its something most people can do, i want to see a special talent with art....it shouldn't have to rely on teeh wind or the sun....i would feel lovely walking around it, and it is nice, but its not really art to me!

C.M. Jackson said...

Sally--thanks for stopping by! I can always count on you telling like it is. Your vote has been cast;-)


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I saw The Gates exhibitin Central Park also! It was magical. Did you see last summer's Waterfalls?

magpie said...

being asked to 'weigh in' on 'The Gates'... ahhh

the two week event of 'The Gates' was only a small aspect of its art - and for me it was definitely art. Christo and Jeanne-Claude's projects begin with concept and encompass all the interactions involved. This includes everything from meetings with neighborhood boards (which were unbelievably contentious in the beginning) to the participation of the volunteers who mounted and oversaw the actual gates. 'The Gates' project was begun in 1979: it took 26 years for vision to come to fruition. I don't think this is something that 'most people can do'.

In this 'The Gates' are at once conceptual, political, environmental, performance and sculptural art.

For me 'The Gates' was sublime. I spent time photographing in the park nearly every day the project was up.

Sally - please have a look (especially the snow gallery!)and reconsider...




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