16 May 2009

My hope for you

Look to the Future

Look to the future
Detach from the past
Let the people go
Start a new this time
Look to the future
Love like it’ll last
Dream like it’s forever
No move envy
Look to the future
Have the star life
Learn from others
Take it in
Look to the future
Be proud with yourself
No more lies
No more disguises
Look to the future
Solve the unresolved
Be someone’s firefly
Stop living for yourself
Look to the future
Be the person
You dream to be
Stop fantasizing
Look to the future
It’s only gets brighter
From here on out
Detach from the past
Look to the future

Leah Harlow


Sally's World said...

brilliant post, great words to live by!

Jenny said...

Such wise words, we should move on but we don't always do so.

C.M. Jackson said...

Sally--hope you had a wonderful anniversary! thanks for the good words-

best c

C.M. Jackson said...


sometimes someone else's words say it best--I found this poem and it spoke to me and what my heart was feeling but couldn't quite say--
thank you for stopping by.c

Anonymous said...

Aah, if only my brother would stop living for himself...beautiful poem you found here, C.M.J.


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