31 August 2009

A Day at the Garden

Mom and I took a trip to the New York Botanical Garden to catch up and take some photos. What a great day! It is amazing that such a place exists in the middle of the Bronx. If it weren't for the planes taking off at LaGuardia, I would swear that I was in upstate New York. The garden is truly a gem. Speaking of gems, my mom continues to patiently try to teach me how to use my camera and resist the urge to 'point and shoot'. I do listen but when surrounded by the beauty of a place, I tend to click away.

Thanks for a beautiful day Mom.

28 August 2009


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Henri Matisse

The economy,healthcare,failing banks --it all swirls about us ----what if we focused on the good? Your child going to kindergarten, your ability to run that marathon or perhaps, your ability to believe in yourself.
Focus on what is important to you and believe.
With belief, anything is possible. Focus.

27 August 2009

Theme Thursday-Limo

This one is a stretch;-) but here goes...It's a new world people!! Line 'em up, no trouble finding parking and great on gas!

25 August 2009

New Mexico Treasures

Since Mr. Jackson and I could not be at the market this year, I put together a gathering of treasures we found on our last trip. Here's an overview:

carving of angel using cottonwood and tin--new mexico folk art

acoma pottery


17 August 2009

Call Me Jackson

Two years ago today, Mr. Jackson and I got married. I am a lucky lady and he's my sweetheart!

Happy Anniversary Honey!


16 August 2009

"A different kind of miracle..."

We are bombarded with news and information on a daily basis ---most of it bad and stressful. This Saturday Mr. Jackson and I began our weekend ritual--sipping coffee on the patio going through the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, focused on conquering the crossword puzzle, when I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal.

As I read about the plane and helicopter crash that occurred over the Hudson River between Hoboken and New York City last weekend,a sense of wonder and admiration came over me. This article isn't about the why or how it could have happened, but rather about the families that were effected by the loss of life and how they are coping and moving forward.

I looked up and saw a clear blue sky not unlike the sky the pilots were flying that day. The event and the loss of life are incomprehensible, yet the families left behind have chosen to reach out and respond in a manner that made me take pause, be thankful, acknowledge the good and what is possible.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those lost and left behind.

13 August 2009

Theme Thursday-Festival

Indian Market in Santa Fe New Mexico is an annual art market beginning on the third Thursday which runs through the third weekend of August. One of the largest American Indian markets in the country , it is recognized as the largest juried show of American Indian Art in the world. I have been fortunate to witness the event for ten years. There is music, art ,food and an atmosphere that is nothing like I have experienced any where.

Mr. Jackson was introduced to the market four years ago and every June he starts talking about what we are going to do and who we are going to see.

Santa Fe is a special place. Indian Market brings many people to this little town of adobe buildings. For some, the experience keeps them coming back.


The diversity-native american,latino,hispanic and anglo cultures co-exist.

Art-a community which is recognized as one of the art capitals of the world.

Community-A sophistication among adobe buildings which resonates in its food,culture and politics.

It's a worldly place without traffic and the noise. A place of refuge and discovery. The highest state capital in the country at 7,000 feet, Santa Fe is a glorious combination of the artistic and the historic cultures that have lived in this country for centuries. My secret is now yours--

11 August 2009

What did you do on your summer vacation?

"The only way round is through." Robert Frost

Here's what's going on--First, on the east coast we really haven't had summer until last week. Second, with this economy I've just had to keep my head down and work. Third, the crickets,locusts,peepers are really confused 'cause there hasn't been any real warm weather and now there is. They are singing out of tune and not in unison. Bizarre. Further or is that fourth? It's August and my toes haven't felt sand on a beach or the dusty rocks of New Mexico. Fifth, I think we need to call a "do over" on this summer.

More soon-c:-)


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