11 August 2009

What did you do on your summer vacation?

"The only way round is through." Robert Frost

Here's what's going on--First, on the east coast we really haven't had summer until last week. Second, with this economy I've just had to keep my head down and work. Third, the crickets,locusts,peepers are really confused 'cause there hasn't been any real warm weather and now there is. They are singing out of tune and not in unison. Bizarre. Further or is that fourth? It's August and my toes haven't felt sand on a beach or the dusty rocks of New Mexico. Fifth, I think we need to call a "do over" on this summer.

More soon-c:-)


Kathleen said...

Yes! Yes! Let's call a do over! Grand idea.

rebecca said...

This has been such a weird summer in New York. It's August - August! - and we're still having cool nights. I've not put the air conditioning yet in my house. All we've had are a few sprinkled "normal" days here and there. Is this a sign of an unbearably cold winter?

C.M. Jackson said...

kathleen--I was hoping that the weird weather was limited to the east coast. Given your location I think we must lobby for a 'do over'!! best-c

C.M. Jackson said...

rebecca--truly bizarre weather! The humidity which normally hits us mid july is upon us now. Yet, the forecast calls for 70's tomorrow--go figure. I think we have entered a new climate and are witnessing the effects of global warming-though it is hard to believe when we haven't hit 90 degrees but once this summer. The rain does give pause though as the seas and rivers rise..Given the weather in NJ, I am thinking of moving to Rochester or Seattle which will certainly be sunny and temperate given this past year:-)



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