28 August 2011

Magpie Tale -Rainbow

storms come and go
the earth may quake
this much I know
you are always there
when I need you

c.m. jackson 2011

This is a magpie tale--walk on over here for some shelter from the storm..
Hope you and yours are safe and sound after this week's show of what Mother Nature can do..

23 August 2011

I felt the earth move under my feet...

An earthquake with its epicenter near Richmond Virginia measuring 5.8 on the richter scale rumbled up the east coast this afternoon. Buildings in Manhattan were evacuated and the tunnels were closed for a bit. Wasn't quite sure what I was feeling until it was over. Wow!

Thankfully there is little damage and it appears that everyone in this area is ok. Here's to a quiet and uneventful evening.

12 August 2011

Note from The Universe

How nice to wake up to this little message in my inbox after a week of roller coaster markets and news about global unrest--

Quickie Happiness Workshop for Increasing Profits at Times of Seeming Peril:

Think as much, if not more, about growing your income as you do of trimming your expenses.

And for extra credit, focus on customers more than vendors; smiles more than frowns; possibilities more than risks; options more than commitments; vacations more than overtime; detours more than setbacks; opportunities more than obstacles; and Goldilocks more than the bears.

End of Workshop -
    The Universe

You too can be so lucky....check this out!
Have a great weekend!

09 August 2011

There's an app for that...

When I heard that statement, I would shrug and nod and look at my blackberry and pretend it didn't matter. I have many friends that have an Iphone and some who have Ipad --I watched as they found restaurants and directions, organized a meeting, took photos and just had fun. I put both 'toys' on my list of "one of these days" purchases and soldiered on. Sigh.

But NO more...Mr. Jackson having heard me say (many times) that someday maybe I would buy IPad, gave me one for my birthday.  Hoorah!! Yippee! I can honestly say given the month I have been fiddling with it, the IPad is remarkable. It is going to change how we do everything and by the way, there IS an app for just about any interest you have.

More soon..

08 August 2011

Magpie Tales-Yes

Summer Evening, Edward Hopper, 1947

walking home
lights of the city behind them
leaves rustle with the wind
locusts hum
her sandals clicking, clacking
as the moon plays hide and seek
with the clouds
heat lightening flashes
She jumps
He moves closer
She walks faster
Her words "It's late"
Lost in the distant rumble
Of thunder
Ozone and old spice
Follows her
The porch light a beacon
A bedroom light flickers on
He reaches for her hand
"Could I see you again?"
His words floating loudly
Through the suddenly still air
A bedroom light flickers off
She leans into the darkness
Towards him
Feeling his smile
As he brushes her cheek
With his lips

C.M. Jackson 2011

This is a Magpie Tale---sashay here for more!


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