14 February 2011

Will You Be My Valentine Mr. Jackson?

What a great way to start the week---Singing about love and counting our blessings!! Happy Valentine's Day!

07 February 2011

05 February 2011

Magpie Tales-Magic

As I climbed into the back seat of my grandmother's 1963 chevy, she whispered, "The munchkins live in the fields among the lettuce, tomatoes and corn. Keep an eye out for them." I pressed my face against the window as she drove past field after field trying to spy just one munchkin. I was always disappointed as the car turned into the driveway signaling the end of the ride.

Twenty-five years later on my wedding day as the rays of the sun begin to reach over the storm clouds, I look out the window and hear my grandmother's voice, "Don't worry, they've sprinkled gold dust on the path, the sun will come out and your future is bright."

Tis just another magpie tale---for more, step this way!


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