01 May 2009

Rain Dance

The latest forecast calls for two days of rain. I'm one of those people who likes rain. It is wonderful because there is no guilt or angst about being inside. I find ways to putter around the house, looking over my books or photos, reading the NY Times and catching up on movies the rest of the universe has seen last year.

If I am really fired up, I can clean or pretend that I am Julia Child and whip up a fancy dinner for Mr. Jackson. Or, maybe two days might be just enough time to get through my closet. This particular closet holds a lifetime of clothes and shoes and purses and stuff. If I get too near the door, I hear a low growl or rumbling.

Perhaps, the rain is a sign. I'll put on some music, light the smudge stick and dance my way into organization.

It could happen.


Sally's World said...

Ha! if you lived in the UK.....you'd shoot someone on the spot for doing a rain dance!

C.M. Jackson said...


yes, I have seen the effects of sunshine and temps over 70 on the brits--they become positively giddy..not unlike new yorkers when the first warm day hits--everyone is off to the park --outside, shoes off ---you see with my rain dance I was making lemonade--you know the saying--when the world gives you lemons?

Anyhoo. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when the sun came out this afternoon and I found a way to keep the moving through the house like a whirling dervish.Mr. Jackson did some emergency repair (removing and regrouting a bad joint--he is very handy) in the bathrooom which sent white dust throughout.

So the closet didn't get tackled but the kitchen and bath are shining.


Hope the sun is shining for you--c


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