17 November 2011

Flash 55-Public Speaking

Looking for a place
A spot of blue
Where doubt weighs
Amidst the clouds
Nothing, the
Sun peeking out
All is possible
Though worry
Like dark clouds
Floats past my
Mind’s eye
Talking loudly
Thunder rumbling
As I laugh back
In the distance
The fear
Walking center
I speak from
My heart, and

C.M. Jackson 2011

Friday's coming--you know what to do...write it and tell it to the G-Man here!!


Brian Miller said...

if i ever speak and dont get the butterflies....i am probably not speaking hard enough...

nice capture...

G-Man said...

Welcome back to the Friday Funfest.
We missed you
Public speaking is a gift not everyone has.
Loved your 55, very well written
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Nara Malone said...

I'm told if you recite a poem in your head while speaking you won't shake. I may have to memorize yours and try it.

Monkey Man said...

The narcissist in me love the attention of public speaking. Guess that runs over into blogging as well.

C.M. Jackson said...

Brian--I agree--but I would like to be able to coexist with the butterflies a little bit netter;-)

C.M. Jackson said...

g-thanks for the kindness and the prodding--hope your weekend is lovely

C.M. Jackson said...

Nara--this is exactly how I feel just before i present --my mind is wired for sound and going in three hundred different directions...I am getting better though;-) thanks for stopping by -c

C.M. Jackson said...

monkey man--you have a gift --thanks for stopping by-c

Zeba said...

I like how it jumps from one image to another..

Ruth said...

Picturing the sky like this would be helpful when speaking in front of a group. I picture myself as a cornstalk, still like that. It helps! :-)

Rómulo Vela (Mole) said...

Happy Christmas Day!!! =)


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