12 April 2010

Magpie Tales-Magic

She carried it with her always.
A silver tube encased in black
Which with a twist could
Catch the eye of a handsome man,
Hold back the tears that didn't deserve to be shed,
Impress a room of pinstripe suits,
Make her presence known when or where appropriate
or perhaps not.

A silver bullet slaying hearts while shielding hers,
A shade of red known as Paris
She could be anyone or anywhere
Making her pretty, wise and powerful
when she was not.

And so it goes, the Magpie Tales continue here...come join in the fun as Willow , prompts us to new writing adventures!


Brian Miller said...

the mask protects, the mask slowly bleeds the one inside to death...nice poem. sorry kinda crrepy comment, but ,asks do tend to do that.

C.M. Jackson said...

Brian--yes, masks can be creepy but also powerful, so long as one knows they are wearing a mask and why;-)

Anonymous said...

I completely understand these words. I think all women at one time or another have used a mask to empower us and hide us, both at the same time.

joanny said...

To often in corporate life Women still have to wear a mask -- yes creepy -- but also very powerful I agree.


willow said...

Paris is the perfect shade! It says it all. I love the power of the "silver bullet".

Vicki Lane said...

So nice! Several of us see the lipstick as a weapon, I notice.

Star said...

This is a well written poem. My favourite line is 'Impress a room of pinstripe suits'. Love that.
Well done.

Monkey Man said...

That whole lipstick is power thing just didn't work for me. Especially in the board room. Wonder why? Loved your piece.

Catalyst said...

CMJ, that second stanza is marvelous!

Helen said...

Oh, the magical powers of this simple tube .... thank you ~ I love this poem!

Suz said...

I love the way the words just seem to tumble
a nice cadence when reading out loud
and a very wonderful poem
nice writing


Excellent poem, flows so nicely and speaks so powerfully. Well done!

Peter Goulding said...

Don't we all need something to be pretty, wise and powerful? The subject of the poem only needs a tube of lipstick. That's a lot closer than most of us.
Loved the poem, particularly the ending.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful C.M. You captured the essence of where I wanted to go with the prompt (and didn't make it), the mask element. Love this:

Which with a twist could
Catch the eye of a handsome man,
Hold back the tears that didn't deserve to be shed

Ji said...


my first one,
thank you in advance for the encouragement.
Happy Wednesday!

Ji said...

insppriational and powerful!
beautiful job!


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