17 June 2009

Get your Kicks on Route 66

Born to be Wild-Steppenwolf

In case you are wondering about my sidebar entry- "thinking about.." here's the scoop. Mr. Jackson and I are planning our next trip out to New Mexico and the subject of Route 66 came up. We have driven it (in a car), to Gallup and back, but it seems that Mr. Jackson has a dream. A dream to ride Route 66 on his Harley. I agreed with him that this is a wonderful dream, but I said "Your Harley is in New Jersey."

He said, "No problem, we can rent one in Albuquerque for the day.

"We?" I gasped, knowing it wasn't the universal, the royal or the financial 'we' he was referring to.

"Yeah, it would be great!" he said and proceeded to talk about the route we would take and how I could take photos.

I just sat there with images playing through my mind. I did this once when I was twenty--I didn't like it. Leaning into the turns with the pavement coming up to meet me riding at 55 mph(hopefully), bugs hitting my helmet, sunglasses steamed up and not for a moment thinking about anything else other than getting off the motorcycle.

Here's the thing--I am a Vespa kind of a girl--you know, Roman Holiday and Audrey Hepburn in those wonderful gladiator sandals and beautiful skirt riding throughout Rome. Mr. Jackson knows this and figures he can get me to ride with him if I get some cool boots. It's not that I am uncertain of his ability to ride or don't want some really cool boots--he is like Rainman, "a very good driver", it is about my hesitancy to go really fast without a car surrounding me.

We are in discussion and exploring short trips here. I will report back.


Mrs. E said...

I'm with you! I kind of like the protection of a car, too. Oooh and Roman Holiday!! : )

C.M. Jackson said...

yeah and the sandals--seriously I am trying to convince Mr. Jackson that he can do this without me and I'll even photogragh the journey from a car..its all good--thanks for stopping by-c

Little sister said...

Go for it!!! It's an adventure that you need to share with the one you love.

Betty said...

Do it! Definitely. Have recently returned home after driving Route 80 (though we did it in a car rather than on a bike.) If your trip is even half as wonderful as ours was, then you'll have a never-to-be-forgotten time.


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