16 November 2009

Walking the walk, talking the talk

The best way out is always through.

Robert Frost

Times are rough for everyone right now. I acknowledge this as I review my past year and start to work on my next two years' business plan.  I sigh, I shout and wonder which direction to go. I am certain that I am not alone all the while angry at this new environment. I am lucky in that I have work that engages and pays me well. Yet, I know something is different and if I do not recognize the difference and therefore, change my approach, success is not guaranteed. The range of emotions that go along with this understanding are not fun nor exhilarating but rather annoying and terrifying. It is not unlike hiking in those lovely wooden shoes--painful, I am certain.
So I focus on what brings me joy--Mr. Jackson, Max, my family as I lace up my hiking boots. I fill my pack with snacks,camera, water and start walking. I know as I begin the trail is unknown which is somehow energizing as I walk, the late autumn leaves clinging to the trees. As I take the first hill, I do not question my ability or curse the elevation, I just move forward--it isn't easy and at times, I feel like turning back, but I keep moving forward knowing the answer lies ahead.


♥ Braja said...

....and that's life....

C.M. Jackson said...


yes and that's what keeps us moving onward



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