20 June 2010

Monday Morning Wake Up Call--State of Mind

Doesn't matter where your 'state' of mind is--look as these faces as they sing --that's our future and here's hoping there is a teacher where you live that engages and educates like this teacher... get up, make it happen and pay it forward....;=) Have a great week!

PS-Kudos to PS 22 Chorus for winning the Webby Artist of the Year Award


Nessa said...

There are never enough good teachers.

beth said...

don't you just love these kids and their teacher...have you seen all of the videos they have made ? there's LOTS and WOW for all of them.....

la vida loca and stand by me are two of my favorites...

Buffalo Soldier 9 said...

Hello C.M. Jackson.

I'm a fellow blogger and saw you like the movie, Miracle at St. Anna regarding the Buffalo Soldiers and I LOVE your 'State of Mine', educating.

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Keep telling that history:

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I hope you enjoy.



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