13 September 2010

Monday Morning WakeUp Call--Altitude with Attitude

Tales from the Trails (TFTT)

Something about the climate and the geography in New Mexico makes my heart sing. Seriously, I have more energy and I can't get enough of the clean fresh air and sunshine. Being from the east coast, I haven't had too many bad experiences when it comes to the altitude (7,000 ft). Except if you count not being able to sleep, like at all--wide awake pacing all night ....happened this trip and it wasn't until I really thought about it and of course, 'googled', found out that what I was experiencing was altitude sickness.

Seems one has to drink 1 ounce of water for each pound one weighs each day to acclimate. Without getting into the details, let's just say for me, that is a whole lot of water--not coffee, tea or wine, but water. This trip we were blessed with great weather that was cool and sunny. So while we drank water and in case you wondering, no tequila and minimal wine, it wasn't as much as we should have given the exertion of hiking every other day or would have given the typical warmer temperatures.

Here's a lesson from the trail at altitude, drink and drink and drink water--not coffee, tea, tequila or wine and you'll be fine.

Now what about these two kids? This was an 8th grade graduation project---how cool are they?

No matter your altitude, remember it's about the attitude. Make it a great week!


Brian Miller said...

water is always the best when out on the trail...ack on the alt sickness...it is a lot of water...for anyone.

Gayle said...

I can't believe the kids in the video were only in the 8th grade! Pretty impressive.

Reya Mellicker said...

REally cool video! Of course I was checking out the bass player.

Water water and more water at high altitudes - and yet I still get headaches. I was born in Denver, lived in Lake Tahoe for two years, so I can become acclimated. But now, having been down here in the swamp for ten years, altitude sickness is inevitable for a day or two.

At least you had fun pacing the floor and breathing all that clean air! Yeah!!

Nessa said...

Water is so important for everything. i bet New Mexico is gorgeous.

That video is cool.

Anonymous said...


Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

love it!


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