12 December 2010

Magpie Tales-Flying Lessons

red golashes
race up the hill
in the fresh snow
frosty breaths
hang in the air
like runners on a sled 
suspended on the edge
of the world
holding on
letting go
without fear
rushing headlong
into the arms
of life

C.M. Jackson 2010

This is a Magpie Tale----fly here for more!


Brian Miller said...

heck yeah...you captured sledding well...head long i rush...

Teri said...

This is really great! What a great take on what we all do: Live---and how it is not always certain but filled with the unknown. "race up the hill"---"suspended on the edge of the world"---holding on then letting go"----incredible feelings and thoughts in so few words.

Susannah said...

Oh, I loved this! It really captured the experience and what a perfect ending....
"rushing headlong
into the arms
of life"


Reflections said...

Capturing memories of days gone by, sledding to our hearts content. Pefectly told!

Jhon Baker said...

nice magpie.

Helen said...

This is so positive, so full of energy and hope for the future!!

Tess Kincaid said...

Lovely, CM!

Glenn Buttkus said...

Your poems is lovely, and
brimming with terrific
energy, and your lines
/runners on a sled/
suspended on the edge
of the world/ reminds us
that we are all sledders
if we can be brave enough
to let loose and fly.

Lydia said...

A great Magpie indeed!

Daigu said...

You had me at red galoshes.


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