29 August 2010

"There's no place like home..."

...ever feel like a place is home? That's the way New Mexico makes me feel every time I step foot on its soil and breathe its air. Mr. Jackson agrees and we have been walking the Plaza in heaven!!! The smell of sage, pinon and yes, roasted chiles fill the air which has a hint of fall in it.  more later..off to meet friends..


Brian Miller said...

ooo....sounds like someone is having fun...

Nessa said...

Have lots of fun.

joanna said...

Love that photo -- it SPEAKS South West.... I can smell the scent of the desert air up here in the PNW...makes my heart sing and my mouth water for the taste of the west.

Glad you are enjoying your trip with your hubby.


vijay kumar sappatti said...

Very true. Home is the ultimate place in the world.

I really like this article and all other articles of the blog . your writings are great.

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