24 September 2010

Flash 55-A New Day

A new reality
Nothing to do with
The economy
More about my
Work for the man
Anything’s possible
But make a plan
Find a way
Amidst the day to day
Take time to play
Let go of the past
For this much I know
Time moves fast
So many places to go

C.M. Jackson 2010

According to a recent study, the recession ended in June 2009....if you can say it 55 words--you know what to do, go talk to the g-man. Happy Friday and here's to the next upturn !


Susannah said...

Oh, I really like this. So much wisdom wrapped in 55 words. Nice one!

My 55

Brian Miller said...

make a plan, dream...indeed...i would like to show those researchers proof that i beg to differ...smiles. nice 55...

Nessa said...

Life is a juggling game. It is a shame the government didn't tell us at the time. We could have celebrated.

G-Man said...

Good riddence I say!
I was waiting for it to end.
Loved your 55 CM.
Always a Class Act.
Thanks for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

signed...bkm said...

well done c.m. -- agree with Brian - I beg to differ on the end of ression...bkm

Monkey Man said...

Great advice. Make a plan. Follow your dreams. Write an awesome 55. Love it.

Anonymous said...

There's so much here in so few, but perfectly chosen, words.

As always, we get the last say on our own happiness so long as we keep a healthy perspective.

Adventure on! Those places are calling...

Maude Lynn said...

I like this one!

Janna said...

"Find a way, dream, amidst the day to day scheme."
I love that! :)

Good advice.

Thanks for doing Friday 55! :)

Mine's been posted here since last night, but it's taken me this long to visit and leave comments. Sorry about that.

PattiKen said...

That's keeping your priorities straight.

One has to wonder who that study studied.

Bee said...

Two of these phrases jump out at me: "take time to play" and "let go of the past." When I was musing on laughter (and the lack of it in my daily life), I happened upon some 98 year old twins who were attempting to explain their longevity. They mentioned daily laughter and not worrying about past (OR future) as two of their secrets. A daily glass of pastis was also mentioned.

And btw, that Updike poem is a favorite of mine.

SY said...

hmm this does represent the internal turmoil of working on your future and life happening to the work.

CM said...

Um, you just summarized my entire life in 55 words! ;-)


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