17 September 2010

Flash 55-Snapshots

I hum
An unknown song
Lights of the big city
In my rearview mirror
I wind my way
Through traffic
Horns blaring
New Mexico vistas
Still flashing like
A slide show
On the windshield
Of my mind
Smell of pinon
Wafts alongside
Falafel and pretzels
I exist between
Two worlds
For now

C.M. Jackson 2010

If you can say it in 55 words --Well, what are you waiting for? Go tell the G-Man! It's Friday Flash 55!!


G-Man said...

Loved this 55 My Dear.
Sometimes I just want to get out of the city myself.
You Rock The Land of Enchantment!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Stranger said...

These two worlds, the city in your rearview mirror and the New Mexico in your mind - you capture so beautifully! Lovely 55. :)

Romulo Vela said...

Wow!, poetic! and the photo is powerful. Thanks C. M. :D

joanna said...


Beautiful, FF- 55 dreaming and reality mixed together -- the desert captured your heart, how sweet the scent....I can relate --scent can trigger the most amazing dreamscapes.

Love your new header, a wonderful reminder of that "sense of place" that captures your heart and imagination.


Ruth said...

I'm smiling too. Aren't we fortunate to have other worlds in our minds and hearts?

Brian Miller said...

not quite home, and no longer at your destination...perhaps the fresh memory of the one and the familiar of the other drive the smile...

Monkey Man said...

I truly love it when a simple 55 words brings a scene to life. This was masterfully done. I felt as if I was there beside you sharing the smells, sights and sounds. Bravo.

Maude Lynn said...

Beautiful writing! I love the image of a slide show on the windshield of the mind.

Nessa said...

A lovely picture of that time between time, two worlds side by side in your memory.

KB said...

What an interesting way to share your world with us.

jabblog said...

You've captured exactly the feeling of moving between two locations - remembering the one you've left and not quite adjusted to the one you're entering. Wonderful!

Stafford Ray said...

It's nice to escape from the city if you don't love it. That feeling is so well experssed. However, while eating falafel while driving might demonstrate your multicultural credetials, it will make you fat! :-)


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