02 May 2011


Tools That Help Me Be Compassionate

• Be a Twinkle in the eyes, smile on the face and an excitement to meet.
• Engaging eye contact
• Be fun and tender everywhere
• Turn off TV
• Develop all your interests
• Have A tender love for people
• Engage with the arts and nature
• Do volunteer work
• Practice organizing and following through.
• Offer Massage

Patch Adams, MD


Like a raindrop falling, a hand on a shoulder or a kind word--every little bit matters and can change a person's day or life.

To find out more --http://www.bloggersunite.org/event/international-day-of-compassion-in-honor-of-dr-patch-adams
Gesundheit! À vos souhaits! Ti benedical!Odaijini!Go mbeannaí Dia duit!Bud' Zdorov!Dios le bendice! Γείτσες !


Brian Miller said...

yes it can...this was a great movie about a great story...

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

beautiful review.
Glad to discover your poetry talent,
Share a free verse with us today, bless you.
Keep up the excellence.


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