23 September 2009


One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.

- Sigmund Freud

Yesterday, I came home to let Max out and let him stretch his legs. Midday, a pb &j with a tall glass of cold milk , I ate my lunch and watched as the oldest puppy in the world circled the yard, accomplished his task and made certain his world was secure. It took all of twenty minutes, Max circling the yard and me finishing my delectable pb&j. I got him settled back into the house with the assurance that Mr. Jackson (eg the person who gives him treats) would be home in a few hours and got back into my car. I backed down my driveway and as I moved, I noticed something on the fence post. I slowed the car and realized it was probably the biggest praying mantis I had ever seen. I turned the car engine off and ran to get my camera. Running out of the house I turned the camera on and it told me "No CF Card." I started back to the house with intent of finding my card and by the time I reached my desk I decided that this wasn't a photo opportunity. I set my camera down and returned to my car and spent the next ten minutes or so just watching and being.

Just what I needed. Amazing.

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