16 September 2009

Washington Tea Party 2009

Warning---This post breaks a rule I set up long ago when a number of my friends were going into teaching and law school...."never discuss tenure or politics." There will be no photos or quotes that can make one think I may mean something else.The following is my response from an email from a friend that discussed his participation in the above noted event.

"Very cool. A great example for your daughters regarding our ability as Americans to speak freely and express our opinions.
However, I must first make certain you understand I voted for Obama and second, I believe healthcare rather than global warming or China’s surging economy, is something we must pay attention to now. The reality is that it won’t matter if we don’t have water to drink (southwest) or are drowning because of flooding (east coast)because the vast majority of us will not be able to pay for healthcare when we need it. Given our recent financial downfall and the amount of boomers getting ready to go into retirement—how is it that the current system can pay and not effect the younger population? The insurance industry has been one of the strongest lobbyists in our great DC—it is based on greed and not about treatment—Obama has not proposed a plan and that is largely due to the fact, call me crazy, but he has things like the financial system and the economy to figure out. That is not to say he should propose a plan and that is why so many people are up in arms.
We are an ageing economy. The real issue is if we don’t start thinking about what we can do and provide for the rest of the world we are &**^! What makes us as Americans believe that the rest of the world should provide the money necessary to feed our lifestyles? Healthcare certainly will not be part of the whole economic package –I am fairly certain that foreign countries, given the last eight years, will be very hesitant when it comes to funding our healthcare needs. So let’s just say I will join the march when it is about solidarity—not socialism---but rather about the best brains and the best ideas to move this very amazing country forward. Send ideas as opposed to the signs and the rhetoric—let’s get going before we live in a country that is not ours. Hugs -c "

Enough said. Hope and peace to you and yours wherever they are.


San said...

I do not get the people who want to keep our pathetic "health care" system as is. It's not health care at all. It's "profitability for health insurance companies."

C.M. Jackson said...

san--exactly and that's why I had to speak out after my friend's husband sent me one too many emails that did no more than criticise the President's efforts to correct the situation. best c


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