28 January 2010


"People are being called upon to adapt in ways that they have not in decades. Things are hard. It is okay to be upset and it is necessary to grieve. That's the first thing I say. We have to honor anxiety. The phrase "You are feeling sorry for yourself' is not in my vocabulary. I believe the finest works of art are born out of the deepest suffering. We can teach ourselves skills that will make us happier in life. Savor it. No matter how bad you believe your past was, you did learn how to skip. There was a day when you discovered your shadow and how to ride a bike. We have a choice about what we remember--past and present."

Annharriet Buck from her "How to Be Happy Lecture" and excerpted from "The Guru in a Pantsuit" by Marie Brenner Departures Magazine

Reya from the blog According to the Cosmology of Reya aka the Gold Puppy has been writing about identity, questioning herself and the direction of our country. I believe Ms. Buck's lecture, part of the program known as the Inner Door at the Golden Spa, is a starting point for what ails. I believe we all can learn from asking the same questions and listening to each other. Thanks Reya.

Finally, thanks again Annharriet Buck! Wise words and the closest I will probably ever get to the programs offered at the Golden Door. Ohmmm.


Leah said...

Thank you for these very wise words. I've been going backwards to check out your last few posts that I've missed, and also happened upon the aphorism "if you've been sitting, stand..." I am going to write those out for myself too. How wonderful.

C.M. Jackson said...

leah-go figure...this is just one of the reasons I read everything--who knew I would find an article that would have bits of wisdom that would connect with so many poeple? For this reason, you should continue to write whether it be via a journal or your blog--speaking for myself I would prefer to have you write to your blog so I can read and smile at your words--hope the break is short --you are a wonderful writer. best-c


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