26 February 2010

Flash 55-Winter's Song

The old maple listens to the conversation on a gray night.
Rain falls like tears after a lover leaves,
Wind whispers secrets,
Hail chatters about the snow coming to visit,
Tires swish home late for dinner,
Heels sound a staccato.
Door opens and closes,
Warmth reaching his branches,
Laughter like a blanket signals good night.

Have a story or an idea? Tell it in 55 words and see the g-man!


Brian Miller said...


make sure you tell gman too...did not see you on there, but you were in my reader.

great 55.

mine is up.

willow said...

I love "tires swish home".

Monkey Man said...

Great 55. Sounded like real life inspiration.....I love those. My 55 is HERE .

C.M. Jackson said...

Thanks Brian--I posted with the g-man this morning!!

C.M. Jackson said...

willow--I thought about that one for a while-trying to match the sound;-)

C.M. Jackson said...

real life yes--it's been stormy for the last two days. Each winter and every storm I talk to the big ole swamp maple that everyone wanted to cut down--I saved his life and I just hope whenever it gets really windy or icy that he hangs in there and doesn't send a branch or two raining down on us!

Anonymous said...

Laughter like a blanket... that is the very best kind of good night.

Well done!

Mine is here.

g-man said...

Another Gem!!!
This was just Perfect.
Excellent 55 My Dear..
Thanks for visiting and playing today, You Rock!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G


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