14 February 2010

States of Mine-The First Year

It's been a year since I started this blog all because of conversation I had with a man who stopped by to measure my kitchen for new cabinets. Seven years later we are here still talking, in love, the kitchen finally finished and married three years in August. I feel blessed to have met Mr. Jackson and discovered Jacksonville. His keen wit and big heart has breathed new life into my frenetic work obsessed existence so that I can see inspite of and beyond it.  Entering into this once known and scary territory of marriage, I began to think, inspired about new beginnings and to reawaken many of the areas of my being--all of the places I have been, the steps I have taken and the people met. So I began another conversation. You are all a state of mine.

This rose is for you. Thank you for stopping by, for your wisdom and encouragement. I am just beginning and look forward to discovering what lies ahead.


Ruth said...

Oh I'm happy for your love story, that brought you joy after being afraid.

Congratulations on finishing your first year of the blog! I'm raising my hand thrown handleless coffee mug to you for the next year. Cheers!

C.M. Jackson said...


your blog was one of the first I came upon in this new land. I aspire to its beauty and wisdom. Your kind words mean so much--cheers to you!!


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