06 April 2009

BFF sings the blues

Actually she is not singing but achooing! and down with the flu. After our trip to the spa we promised each other that we would continue our journey to fitness. Since we live fifty miles from each other, the goal is to email each other to keep each other on track and to schedule monthly hikes and such. Email is a new thing for her. For years, I have been sending notes to her husband’s email and he would advise her that ‘she had mail’. Pretty good deal if you can get it. This is the very same man who talked us in from his laptop and got us to the spa on time. A gem.

Anyway, when we got home she actually sat down at the computer and signed up for an email account. Ok, she probably had some help from hubby and her 16 year old daughter, but the point is…she did it. When she didn’t answer my email, I was not surprised. So I checked in and was advised by his gemness, that she was in bed sleeping away the blues that only a springtime flu can bring.

So I am writing this post knowing that tomorrow her hubby will once again advise her ‘you got mail!’

Here’s hoping you feel better and ready to move it soon, kiddo.


Sally's World said...

gosh, i don't think i could live without e-mail now, i've depended on it for years to keep in touch.

C.M. Jackson said...


I know--I rely on it but remember the days before the fax? With each step we gain and perhaps lose a little. The balance is understanding the pros and cons. I am happy to report that BFF is up and answering her emails.

Thanks for checking in.



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