02 April 2009

Time to Spa

Yes, my friend and I packed our bags and headed to the Catskills to the New Age Health Spa in Neversink, New York. We arrived on a Sunday, missed our exit but made it on time for our first full body treatment. An hour or so of exfoliation and detoxification, put us in the right frame of mind to greet our really healthy dinner, ignore the below 20 degree evening and look forward to the next two days.

We were moving towards that magic place —where all the cares of the world fall away.

Before I get too carried away, let’s get something straight, New Age Health Spa is serious about getting you in the right place physically and mentally. That is primary goal and it works. It was our second visit. I am more and more impressed by the emphasis on health and peace. Come here and no matter your concerns, the staff will treat you as an individual. If you are zaftig or thin, old or young, they love and treat their guests, like family.

For those of you who spa, I will put the environment in perspective given the Catskills context. It’s like good Manhattan deli. For example, Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass aka the Sturgeon King. Both excellent with magnificent food, the difference being as an employee at Barney’s once told me, “We don’t do fancy schmancy.”

What makes this place special is not the fancy rooms but the people, the environment, the attention to the food, the treatments and the classes offered. The staff is well trained and considerate of every guest’s needs. The treatments are diverse and as good, if not better than any I have had in the fancy schmancy spas I have been to. The vegetables comes straight from their greenhouse and the meals are carefully thought out so despite the fact that I might want a slice of pizza or a nice brisket sandwich on rye for dinner, I devour the stuffed portabello mushroom, frittata or salmon gladly, quickly forgetting about the unhealthy food populating my mind. Morning starts with meditation, a brisk walk and then a form of yoga, then breakfast at 8.

Located on 280 acres, I can only imagine the hiking possibilities since I have visited in the cold months. I will explore the next time.

Finally, the peace and quiet of the place allow my friend and I to reconnect with our bodies and each other, putting aside work, husbands and the stress of just living. Time slows down to a crawl and we breathe listening to the wind chimes or the fire crackling in the sitting room. In the end we leave feeling like Peso, the owner’s dog, blissfully happy and connected to the now.

Check it out…



Sally's World said...

OMG this totally sounds like just what I need right now, I know its not possible now, but it is something i would like to plan...great post.

C.M. Jackson said...


Until you can get there, envision peace and be kind to yourself. Stop by when you can and I will do my best to create a space that says "ahh" until you can spa.



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