31 March 2009

Keep on keeping on...

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You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.- Unknown

I think, therefore, I am, a bit crazy. It is part of my charm. Dealing with an economy we haven’t witnessed in our lifetime, I find myself trying to make it all work. No easy task. A constant quest…”What’s the next trend, the next angle mixed with “who cares” I want to hike and live in the country.” How do I integrate all those personalities to get to where I want to be and still feel alive? Taking a breath, my body on the board watching the horizon, I ask, “Can I stand up and ride?”

I know I am not alone. We are all jugglers. Suddenly, it occurs to me I have been here before, the waves crashing at my feet, taunting me. What choice do I have? I paddle, watching the waves, listening to the diverse voices blending with the surf. I am not going to wait for the perfect wave. I taste the salt and keep moving. Progress.

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