02 March 2009

“I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy”

Mr. Jackson’s birthday is in the middle of January so I am always faced with Christmas and then what to do for his birthday. Well, this year was easy given we declared a moratorium on gifts—he, of course, ignored it, being the great guy that he is.

So for his birthday, I thought a night in Manhattan would be in order.

He agreed and advised me that he would love to see “South Pacific”.

'Really', I said thinking he was getting even for that really bad play I made him go to last spring. He smiled and started to sing a melody of “Bali Ha’i”, “Happy Talk” ending with “Some Enchanted Evening.” This is not the first time Mr. Jackson has broken out into song, but I have never heard any show tunes in his repertoire.

I was impressed and bought tickets for this past weekend. I half expected to sit through the play bored, rolling my eyes in the darkened theater at the quaint lil' musical, all in the name of love.

Well, I was so wrong. From the opening chorus to the final number when Emile de Becque returns from his mission to Nellie, I was captivated and reminded what good theater does and gives to its audience.

Needless to say, Mr. Jackson and I walked the eleven blocks to dinner singing and talking about the play.


Happy Birthday Sweetheart.


rebecca said...

That sounded like a perfect birthday. I love musicals. Grew up watching them on TV and South Pacific was one of my favorites. Oh, their songs were divine! I'm sure Mr. Jackson was more than quite pleased with your gift =)

C.M. Jackson said...

Dave was in heaven --it was an amazing production--I had no idea and that made it all the more enjoyable. Looking forward to Part II-thanks for your kind eyes and words--c


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