15 April 2009

Top 20 Reasons You Need to Take a Hike

20. There is an amazing world outside your cubicle or office that doesn't include phones, a computer, your blackberry, iPhone or even better, your boss.

19. You know you need to exercise but can't find time to go to the gym.

18. Fidgeting on the chaise lounge or beach towel is a given.

17. Quiet is a sign you have seen in hospitals, museums and libraries.

16. The mountains climbed so far are metaphorical, material or worst, sisyphean.

15. The call of the wild is the sound you make when another deadline looms or the lout next to you gets a promotion.

14. The travel catalogs entice you but somehow can't seem to get the heart pumping.

13. Walking is the best medicine for anything.

12. It is about the journey, no matter how many times you walk or hike a trail.

11. Between miles 2 and 5 you will forget that you are exercising and about anything else that has been cluttering your mind.

10. Your body will thank you, though it doesn't feel that way as you trek.

9. No matter where you are, you will see more and meet more folk walking then you do in a car or tour bus.

8. The call of an eagle protecting its nest.

7. The quaking leaves of aspens and the shimmering leaves of olive trees.

6. The sound of the wind through a forest of evergreens just before a thunderstorm.

5. Earth and its age evident as you hike a winding trail, layers of sediment displayed on a wall in shades of white, brown and red.

4. A waterfall appearing as you round a corner, fragrant with wildflowers.

3. Fog rolling in as you begin a 10 mile hike and clearing midway to reveal the coast and celtic ruins in sunshine.

2. The weight lifted from your shoulders because you have left it all behind on the trail.

1. And finally, after spending 6-8 hours hiking, walking and sometimes, stumbling, you can eat and drink what ever you want!

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