26 March 2010

Flash 55-New Ride,New Me

Nothing better
Flying down a hill
Coaster brakes
Tires sqealing
That was then
This is now
Or Tomorrow
My new ride
Will be waiting
24 speeds
Color of root beer
Fat tires
Waiting to fly
Humming a song
I jump on
Wind blowing
Through my mind
Bringing me back
Moving me forward

It is that time again--this week flew by without the help of my new bicycle! Pictures coming soon. Until then, if you can write it in 55 words--tell the g-man! Happy Flash Fiction Friday!


quilly said...

There is nothing like the joy of that first ride in Spring!

Hootin' Anni said...

I wasn't sure if this was about a bike or a toyota at first.

This is my 55 this week!

[if you decide to stop by, scroll down below my Show n tell, as always, to find my FF55]

Have a glorious weekend.

Brian Miller said...

woohoo. love bike riding...my boys do as well...went down by the river last weekend....fun 55. have a blast!

Enchanted Oak said...

I love the sound of your root-beer bike! The wind blowing through your mind is a wonderful way to put it.

Yvonne said...

Oh, this makes me want to get a bike. I miss that...."bringing me back, moving me forward."

Great Spring 55!!!

Monkey Man said...

New bike! How exciting. Love how you teased your ride. Makes me want to go out to the garage and pump up a tire or two and get to it. Great 55. My 55 is HERE .

Mojo said...

Single-speed, coaster brake, clothespin and an ace of spades. Bicycle brand of course. They last the longest.

What a memory. Thanks.

John's comments said...

Nice listlike poem. Here's my rather gory tale

PattiKen said...

Wheeee! I enjoyed the ride. I know you will too.

BTW, "the color of root beer" is a great image.

Anonymous said...

YeeeeHaawwwhhh! I can't wait to break mine out. Hafta wait until the snow melts, though...

Buzzard said...

Old memories dying to become new memories. Sounds good.

Ruth said...

So fun!

And strange, because I was just thinking of a bicycle memory, but it wasn't a good one. Thanks for bringing back the breeze and joy!

hope said...

That reminds me of how much fun it was to be a kid...wind in your hair and not a worry in your head. Thanks! :)

C.M. Jackson said...

quilly--the first ride was a bit chilly but still pretty cool in a fun way=thanks for stopping by-c

C.M. Jackson said...

brian--weather wasn't great this weekend but I pedaled around a it and felt the wind---very cool--look forward to more-c

C.M. Jackson said...

hootin anni---I had to find a way to keep up with you my dear;-) so I'm pedaling down the road--best to you and yours-c

C.M. Jackson said...

e oak--it's like flying only better because I get to stop and take photos when I see something cool--my new rule is to move. thanks for stopping by-c


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