22 March 2010

Magpie Tales-A penny for your thoughts

are many
in this old house
a wall
warped doors
a hall
tin ceilings
squeaky stairs
paint's peeling
creaky floors
much more
plaster and lathe
need a new bath
questions abound
12 or 10 penny?
How many?
Where's the hammer?
Have we any
18 penny?
He asks
I stammer
Don't know.

Mr. Jackson believes one can never have too many nails and the photo prompt for this week's Magpie Tales is actually a photo of nails used to make boxes and are most likely 8d --the 'd' stands for denarious or a Roman coin which looked liked an English penny and the system that was used to define not only the cost of 100 nails but also the correct length of nail. Who knew? Mr. Jackson did and here's a site which explains it so much better than I can! 

For more tales about nails---go here


Brian Miller said...

nice. my dad used to keep mayo jars full of nails...we would take them out and play sometimes...

i have so much to fix around the house...i dont even want to think about it...lol.

joanny said...

I love your verse -- it is heartfelt -- it can be a home who has love but no money -- or someone who bought an old home to lovingly repair and restore it....

at any rate it is 'home'


Ronda Laveen said...

Mr. Jackson is my kind of guy. Oh, not that I'm scammin' on your hubs, he just reminds me of mine.

Peter Goulding said...

Never knew there was so much to a nail! We simply use 6 inch, 8 inch etc. Well, not me, I'm useless at DIY.

Enchanted Oak said...

I love little bits of knowledge, such as that about the nails. Your poem was wonderful in its simplicity and rhythm. Have a good week.

willow said...

You've written about Willow Manor! Love it!

Lynn Hamilton Rutherford said...

Very rarely do I read a poem and have my sense of smell kick into gear ... but I could SMELL this place! Wow ... this was beautiful! Loved it!

Catalyst said...

A neat poem, C.M.!

Angie Muresan said...

Lovely verse. Fascinating info on nails! Never knew.

Vicki Lane said...

Very nice -- love the rhyme and rhythm.

Jennifer said...

I love your post C.M. Partially because I have lived in that house. And I know and love mean like Mr. Jackson. And I have always had a supply of nails about. I love them.


Nicely done with the photo prompt, thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks!

steviewren said...

Love the poem...love the cadence of it. It's just like someone who lives in an old house to think this way. Old houses are so needy. The mister must be a real handyman.


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