16 July 2010

Flash 55-High Noon

Hey cowboy
We knew you when
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Were your friends
We held your hand
When you were alone
No one could understand
Told you could fly
We are your home
It wasn’t a lie
Now you are far away
And it hurts
You have a choice
Lose the spurs
Use your voice

Flash! It is Friday. If you can tell a story in 55 words, you need to go tell it to the g-man.


Brian Miller said...

desperado...why dont you come to your senses...smiles. hope the cowboy makes the right choice....nice 55.

g-man said...

Awww CM...
Very touching..
I loved your 55!!
You are such a wonderful writer My Friend, Thanks for this wonderful contribution.
and BTW...Have a Kick Ass Week-End!

Yvonne Osborne said...

It does hurt when those we love are far away. It's just wrong. Hope your cowboy finds his voice.
Nice 55.

Claudia said...

This speaks straight to my heart! We have a cowboy as well - going ways, we don't like...
Thanks - so well written!!

Monkey Man said...

Our cowboy is still under our roof, but not for long. Great 55.

Ruth said...

Nicely rendered: Lose the spurs/ Use your voice.

reberto.alberto said...

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Jim Swindle said...

It pulls my heart. Well-written.


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