04 July 2010

Independence Day


Your light still lingers in our distant morning,
A star that we perceive across the void.
We chart our passage by your words, still burning
Long after your bright core has been destroyed.
No longer do we speak of "natural" rights,
Nor can we think that Reason guides our will.
We've been through far too many gruesome nights
To hope we have reduced our lust to kill.
Yet hope remains the engine of our fire,
Hope that someday all of us will be
Happy in the least that we require:
Well-fed, well-housed, safe, secure, and free.
This dream we still pursue. Though darkness come,
Your wisdom, hope, and courage through us run.

Author Unknown


Brian Miller said...

nice. have a slight fascination with the birth of our nation...love to read about those early days and the decisions they made...hope you have a great 4th!

Jingle said...

cool poem

beth said...

have a great fourth of july.....

Elettra said...

best wishes for 4th day

C.M. Jackson said...

brian---it is an amzing time of year isn'it--hope you and yours are enjoying the holiday weekend.

C.M. Jackson said...

jingle--thanks! you enjoy the weekend too!

C.M. Jackson said...

beth--love your work--enjoy the holiday ...bring us some more great shots!

C.M. Jackson said...


belle notte! c


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